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Are you struggling to pass MRCOG Part 3?

Have you failed and feeling nervous to face it again?

Or you just don’t know where to start and how to prepare?

There’s a reason why OBGYN doctors obsess over getting the membership to ROCG / RCOG.

Because, MRCOG is widely recognised and passing this exam expands your  career options and open doors for you to practice in many countries.

Now, don’t we all know that?

But here’s the thing, when something gets recognised, it naturally becomes harder to achieve. Assessment becomes stringent, and the membership is kept exclusive to the TOP performers.

When candidates are preparing for the exam, there are few comments that I always hear being repeated...

Not trained in the UK health system’
Only a small percentage of students achieve success in this exam. That gets even more difficult when you are not trained in the UK health system to understand the vital role of clinical governance principles.

Having problem with fluency in English’
Sometimes, you might think that language proficiency could be an issue, but the truth is – it is not. Of course, if you are proficient, it helps, but that is not the deciding factor. Remember, this is not a test of the English language.

Uncertain and difficult when preparing’
If you have never taken the exam, it will be difficult to know what to expect and what to prepare on. If you have taken the exam and failed, you are unsure of where you went wrong and never knew what was expected of you in the first place.

Now, I’m not telling these to scare you off, but these are valid concerns. 

In fact, just a few years back, I was in your shoes. I was also a non-UK student and was not trained in the UK system before passing the exam. 

I too was struggling to figure how to clear this exam.

Trust me, the struggle is real and I understand your situation and frustration.

The reason why you may be feeling nervous or failing in the exam is not because you are not capable. 

You just do not have the proper guidance that successful candidates had access to get over most of the hurdles in the Part 3.

Many of these successful candidates have spent thousands of pounds to travel to the UK or other parts of the world to join courses, attend seminars to get insights of the exam.

They even consult top doctors by paying hundreds of pounds per hour just to listen to the doctor’s talk.

Well, the reality is many candidates have no access to that kind of learning. 

It is far off from the majority of the students aspiring to be specialised and recognised.

Since these majority of the students are unable to do what the successful candidates do to prepare, they try to pass the exam by reading article after article, book after book, try whatever methods that comes to their mind to tackle the problems imagining that it is the right way to approach.

However, after investing so much time and effort – they FAIL.

By the end of it, they realise that was not the way to prepare. 

At this point, they are mentally drained and completely lost whatever motivation that was there in the beginning of the journey.

The question is… Does this sound like YOUR journey?

Well, You are Not Alone…

I’ve had many candidates requested for help, here’s a little glimpse and I feel sorry for them…

*Names and faces have been covered for privacy

At this point you may be wondering how this journey was for me…

So this is how it looked like…

Trust me when I say this, it was a little different and out of the norm.

Fortunately, I had two friends who had gone through all the expensive seminars, coaching and have faced the exam.

Being my close friends, they both were willing to guide me personally. 

They helped me being my study buddies, advising me like mentors. And that point in time, they were a great source of strength.

That personalised training and coaching helped me a lot, a real lot! 

I was able to come up with my own Methodology, Notes and Materials.

This Methodology I followed gave me the much-needed confidence to face the exam.

Of course, part of this formula is – hard work. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

Anyway, when has our exams ever been easy? 

So, if the exam required 100% effort and hard work, I put in 110%. 

Ultimately, it all boiled down to a simple formula…

The Methodology + Hard work = MRCOG Part 3 Success!

This is what got me there…

You have heard my story..

Don’t you think IF you follow my Methodology and Step by Step guidance and prepare like I did…

You will have a good shot at clearing the MRCOG Part 3? 

On the day of the exam, when you stand in front of the examiners, won’t you have the upper hand to impress them?

Here’s the Good News!

I have put together a personalised and structured, One on One coaching programme to guide you to get you through this.

And you don’t need to break a bank or spend £2,000 – £5,000 to go through my coaching programme.

Through my personalised coaching programme, I aim to…

The coaching programme will be conducted in a highly interactive and a consultative manner.

I will highlight your strengths and provide feedback on your weaknesses.

Strengths – I will help you identify them, and something that you can be proud of. This will help you gain confidence and raise your morale to face the examination well.

Weaknesses (This is important!) – You will gain valuable insights on what you are doing wrong and things that you should watch out for. What examiners dislike about what you are saying and doing. I will show specific techniques to use and the pitfalls you should avoid.

Next, we will work on your Communication Skills

After all, knowledge and ideas in your brain should be effectively communicated to the patient and most importantly demonstrate to the examiners that you are capable. 

Polishing your communication skills help you get rid of being tongue tied and talk on the spot easily and effectively. 

In this aspect, I will suggest and provide tips on

That’s not all…

Apart from guiding you on the stuff mentioned above, we’ll do some role plays where necessary. 

They have many benefits

Wait.. Before you join, I want you to consider this.

One on One coaching is NOT for you if you are...

If you check any one of the above, I will not be able to coach you and help you out. 

I humbly suggest you consider giving it a pass because from my experience it is unlikely to have any positive outcome.

However, these coaching sessions are for you if you…

If I take on a student, I want them to clear the exam.

If this sounds like YOU and YOU are one of them, schedule a coaching call with me from the link below.

Clear your MRCOG Part 3 this September/November  2018

£95 for ONE Session

£80 for TWO Sessions

If you have any questions, please email us. We’re happy to help. 
[email protected]

For me to be of any help, I would like you to understand my position.
Just like everyone else, my time is limited to 24 hours.

It is shared between work, family and self-improvement stuff.

So naturally, I’ll have only a limited amount of time slots for the One on One Coaching Programme.

I simply can’t take all of you on board and I need to be selective of who I can help.

Click on ‘Reserve My Seat‘ and fill up the questionnaire.

Once I receive your response, I’ll review them and get back if we should proceed.

Remember, it is always the right guidance and preparation that gives you the possibility of attaining this membership.

If my training sounds like a good plan to achieve this membership, I want you to make use of this opportunity and reserve my time.

Go ahead, take your first step and send me a response. 

Clear your MRCOG Part 3 this September  2018

£95 for ONE Session

£80 for TWO Sessions

If you have any questions, please email us. We’re happy to help. 
[email protected]

Enrollment Closes in...

p.s. I have walked this road before. I can show you exactly how I did it. You too can follow my footsteps, clear your MRCOG Part 3 and join the family of Ob&Gyn specialists of the world.

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